About Us

Peak Performance fitness camp is a dedicated training facility designed to take you away from the day to day grind so you can focus on yourself and hit your fitness goals. What is your goal? Learn better nutrition? Bulk up through dedicated weights training? Use the latest technology to track yourself? Totally transform yourself through training not only shedding weight but becoming mentally stronger?

We have that and more waiting for you. If it’s a weekend getaway to freshen up, an 8 week stay to transform your body we will make Jindabyne your home away from home. We have various accommodation options from basic to super premium and all the bases of training and great tasty healthy nutrition covered.

So come join us and reach your Peak

Our Directors

Dan Hutley (head trainer)

Head trainer Dan Hutley started Muay Thai as a way to keep in shape for bull riding in the late 90s. He instantly fell in love with Muay Thai and strength and conditioning as a way to strengthen the body for extreme sports. He started to train hard for his first fight and from then on was hooked on the sport and it became his life.

Dan Hutley went on to have 21 professional fights and win a number of titles. During his career Dan was always training other fighters and athletes. Post career he focused his energy on coaching and training fighters out of his gym in Queensland.

In 2014 I moved to Jindabyne in NSW snowy mountains as the alpine training environment was a way to improve my lung strength to gear me up for my upcoming weightlifting career.

By 2016 as a Muay Thai trainer and strength and conditioning coach I was missing training fighters and athletes, so I opened Precision Training Centre.

As head trainer my Qualifications are:

My life’s mission is to now involve as many people in training as possible if it’s to be competing in their chosen sport or getting in shape to live a more fulfilled transformed life through health and fitness

Renae Buechner (x fit specialist)

Having a strong interest in health and fitness from a young age, Renae has been involved in various sports including wakeboarding, netball, snow sports & long distance running.Understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Renae has pursued a career in the Health and Fitness industry recently completing her Level 1 CrossFit certificate.

CrossFit not only provides a superior platform on which to challenge yourself in ways you once thought were impossible, it also carries high potential for rehabilitation from injury and disease. Renae has applied core CrossFit movements and training principals to various populations to improve movement efficiency, decrease musculoskeletal pain and improve fitness.