Outdoor warrior

Our outdoor warrior program will bring the inner beast out in you. Flipping tyres, running up hills, weighted vests, sledgehammer hits this program has it all. Beach or mountain training we have the perfect environment to train outdoors

Muay Thai circuit

Designed by our champion Muay Thai fighter and head coach Dan Hutley with over 20 professional fights under his belt he knows how to use Muay Thai to condition the body and shed body fat. Our circuit is a fun mix of Muay Thai fundamental and cardio based circuit to burn those calories

X Fit

Our take on traditional cross fit our x fit class will see you do a range of crossfit movements from burpees to box jumps. WODS change daily and will include a lot of amrap workouts

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlifts, functional movements and compound lifts, push press , bent over rows , squats front & back these functional weighted sessions are the right mix to build muscle and burn fat


Body HIIT sessions are the perfect way to get your body moving in our circuit based training. A mix of weighted, body and cardio movements

Spin fit

Our take on spin. 2 minutes bike and 2 minutes floor work switching with your partner is a fun class that maximises calorie burn to shed the fat and get your results. Expect a range of 400-600 calories burnt in these sessions

Speed and Agility

Our speed and agility class is designed to keep your heart rate at a pace of 140-160 bpm and uses a mix of plyometric movements and short sprint work.

A fitness camp dedicated to transforming lives through fitness and nutrition. Peak Performance Nutrition cafe serving calorie controlled meals and yummy healthy treats. Based in the stunning nsw high country this is pure alpine training.

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